Research What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading?

It’s that time of week again. Lots of folks chimed in with what they were reading last week, and I hope folks got as much out of that thread as I did. Thanks to all who sent me suggestions, both in private and in the thread about further research regarding what I was reading last week. This week I’m still reading a lot on the emotions, specifically I’ll be reading Lauren Ware’s “What Good is Love” as well as Per-Erik Milam’s “How is Self-Forgiveness Possible“. I’m currently vacillating between the compassion volume I am working on as well as my dissertation where I am currently working on a chapter dealing with the role of the reactive attitudes, specifically anger and forgiveness. I’ve found some of the work by Brandon Warmke and Dana Nelkin to be beneficial as of late regarding the latter project. So, for those interested in forgiveness I’d highly recommend their work. Brandon has even compiled a chronological bibliography on forgiveness that he updates periodically (see here), a great resource for those of us working on forgiveness.

So, what are you all reading this week? Feel free to mention why you are reading the material as well so folks can suggest further recommendations.


  1. This week I’m reading Hubert Dreyfus and Charles Taylor’s “Retrieving Realism” (Harvard, 2015), which I’m reviewing for a journal.

    I’ll also be tackling various works by Huw Price (his books “Expressivism, Pragmatism, and Representationalism” and “Naturalism Without Mirrors”, as well as the article “Quining Naturalism”) for an article I’m trying to write on his work.


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