Research What Are You Reading...On Plato's Theory of Forms

What Are You Reading…On Plato’s Theory of Forms

Plato’s Theory of Forms has been on my mind this week, as final papers are due and it is a topic that many of my students are writing about. As theories go, it is possibly the most well known in the history of philosophy, just as the accompanying Allegory of the Cave can be recited by individuals across the globe. Those outside the field of philosophy must think that after centuries of study, millions of publications, and countless lectures, intellectuals are running out of things to say about it. While some viewpoints have been exhausted over the years, the ingenuity of the philosophical community continually discovers new things avenues of exploration. As the articles below show, in just the last seven years philosophers have published articles discussing new interpretations and applications of the Theory. If it is of interest to you, I hope you find some use from the following.


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