Research What Are You Reading...On Organ Donation

What Are You Reading…On Organ Donation

As we are now in the month of April, I wanted to write this week’s post on a topic chosen from the list of national observations for which April officially designated. I didn’t think there would be many articles about pecans and straw hats (we’re dropping the ball, philosophers!), so I went with a topic that I covered extensively in my Bioethics class last Fall, organ donation. Since 2003, April has been celebrated across the country as National Donate Life month. Several organizations, such as the Department of Health and Human Services and Donate Life America, are planning events.

Even though Organ Donation is widely endorsed, multiple difficulties remain instituting it. For instance, in my Bioethics class we read articles advocating a more utilitarian approach aimed at saving the most number of lives, and others which suggested that quality of life is just as important to consider. Similar issues related to organ donation are biological compatibility, culture, consent, and experimental procedures. In observance of National Donate Life month, here is some of the most recent research done on organ donation.


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