Research What Are You Reading...On Eastern Thought

What Are You Reading…On Eastern Thought

Since arriving in China, I’ve had the chance to see up close what multiple books I read to prepare for coming told me: that the culture here is as much infused with Confucian ideas as many societies in the West are with Platonism. The importance of showing the respect due to each person is key, and how you show respect differs depending on the relationship. Confucius described five essential relationships: ruler to ruled, father to son, husband to wife, elder brother to younger brother, and friend to friend. Just one example of this comes from an excused absence slip a student turned in, which said her father had died and she needed to “go home to show filial piety.”

There are a handful of other ways cultural differences have influenced my life and work here, both in good ways (getting help with difficult and new situations) and bad (student cheating). The class I took on Confucian philosophy has been helpful, as my memories of the material have helped me understand some of the unfamiliar behaviors I’ve observed. Similarly, other books I’ve read about the dynastic system and Mao’s significant influence have provided helpful context (Understanding China is a good resource). If you’re interested in learning more about Eastern ways of thinking, and Chinese thought in particular, check out the following works.


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