Research What Are You Reading...On Albert Einstein

What Are You Reading…On Albert Einstein

Starting next week this column will feature books from the “Author Meets Critics” sessions of the Central APA 2017. But until then I am continuing with the trend I began last week and featuring a philosopher whose birthday is coming up: Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879). While known primarily as a physicist in society at large, Einstein’s thoughts on matter, truth, space, time, and reality have affected philosophy significantly. His theories pose challenges to certain realist ontologies, Kant’s doctrine of the a priori, and the possibility of developing a fully determinate theory of reality, among other things (a good description of Einstein’s contributions can be found at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy).  Here are several recent papers on Einstein’s influence:


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  1. Here a suggestion: Critics of time as dimension

    I can agree with a simple remark that Popper objected to Einstein observation that space and time are deterministic observables, as I read in a biography of the same K. Popper. He said to Einstein that we have no experience of a “dimension” (spatial or temporal), this an entirely theoretical concept of which we have no immediate sensation.

    So the concept of dimensions absolutely needs a deep philosophical attention, and investigation, for example about where locating existence of dimensions (namely of their theory): inside minds, external material world, culture, or what-else?


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