Uncategorized What Are You Reading? (May 16-22)

What Are You Reading? (May 16-22)

I have enjoyed writing about my reading lists on the blog, but I’d like to open up the “What Are You Reading?” column to others.  I think a more fruitful discussion will occur if readers can share their current reading interests not just in the comments section, but in the featured content as well.  With that in mind, I am officially asking for anyone who is reading a book, paper, article, or other document that they would like to pass along to please contact me (using the “Pitch a Post” form).  Adding some reflections about what drew you to the document, or how you think it will be used in your own research, is encouraged but not necessary.

With that said, most of my reading this week has consisted of student papers, which of course I cannot link to here.  However, I did enjoy finishing my class on the philosophy of revolution with a selection from Edward Said’s Orientalism, which we related to the Arab Spring and, in particular, the question of why many in the West were so surprised by the events.


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