Research What Are You Reading? (February 8–14)

What Are You Reading? (February 8–14)

As a new associate editor of the Blog of the APA, I’m thrilled to be taking over the “What Are You Reading?” thread of blog posts. The readings that have been posted over the last couple of weeks, especially those on the issues of race and evil, look quite interesting. As a social and political philosopher, my project at times overlaps with—but is still quite different from—Justin’s interesting work on emotion. At the moment, I am working on a paper on the phenomenology of race, which has led me to Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology, Michael Monahan’s “The Concept of Privilege: A Critical Appraisal,” and Shannon Sullivan’s Revealing Whiteness. In my spare time, I am also working my way through Jeffrey Nealon’s Post-Postmodernism: or The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism.

On the non-philosophical side of things, I would like to give a shout-out to Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic, by Sam Quinones, which I read over the break and found to be a well-researched and quite engaging tale of how both legal and illegal opiates became so widespread in America over the last decade and a half.

What are all of you reading?



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