Blog Announcements Welcome to our Associate Editor: Nathan Oseroff

Welcome to our Associate Editor: Nathan Oseroff

I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new member of the editorial team, Nathan Oseroff, as associate editor.  Nathan is a graduate student at King’s College London where he is focusing primarily on philosophy of science and epistemology. He is working on reappraising demarcation criteria first proposed by Rudolf Carnap and Karl Popper. Previously, Nathan earned his Master’s from University College London in 2013, with work on false but predictively successful scientific theories in the history of science and their application to the problem of epistemic counter-closure.  Nathan received a BA in philosophy from Oberlin College in 2011 and has been an adjunct professor at Baltimore County Community College. In addition to joining us as an associate editor of the APA blog, Nathan is currently the Editorial Officer at the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy, an editor at Undercurrent Philosophy, and  a research assistant for  Philosophy & Medicine.

Nathan is also a moderator of Reddit’s extremely popular philosophy subreddit, r/philosophy, spreading awareness and discussion of philosophy to a huge population of people, as well as co-ordinating between the academic and popular perspectives on the field.

As always, an important aspect of the mission for this blog is to provide a venue for APA members to share their perspectives on these issues, and to make sure the issues that are important to the membership are being addressed.  If you have ideas for posts on these topics, or want to contribute on these topics, make sure to get in touch with Nathan through our submission form.

I’m excited to welcome Nathan to the team, and look forward to working with him!


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