APA Milona and Stoner Win the 2017 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize

Milona and Stoner Win the 2017 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize

The American Philosophical Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Milona (Cornell University) and Dr. Ian Stoner (University of Minnesota) have been awarded the 2017 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize for their articles, “Taking the Perceptual Analogy Seriously” and “Ways to Be Worse Off,” respectively.

The Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize, which includes a $1,000 monetary award for each winner, is awarded annually in recognition of the two best articles by APA members who hold limited-term research or teaching positions at an institution of higher education.

Milona is a postdoctoral fellow in the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Southern California in August 2016. Milona’s primary area of research is ethics (including metaethics, moral psychology, normative ethics, and the history of ethics).

Stoner is a lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Minnesota. His areas of specialization are moral theory, applied ethics, political philosophy, and Hume. Stoner received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Minnesota in July 2011.

The chair of the selection committee said, “Milona’s ‘Taking the Perceptual Analogy Seriously’ defends a version of sentimental perceptualism. He creatively exploits the same analogies between the role of perceptions in empirical judgment and the role of emotions in evaluative judgment used by opponents of sentimental perceptualism in defense of it. Stoner develops a distinction between two ways of being worse off that can help answer the question of whether disability adversely affects well-being.  His article offers an accessible discussion of a socially important topic and suggests a solution to the mere difference/bad difference debate that does not require offering necessary and sufficient conditions for disability.”


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