APA Barbara Herman to Deliver the 2018–2019 de Gruyter Kant Lecture

Barbara Herman to Deliver the 2018–2019 de Gruyter Kant Lecture

The American Philosophical Association is pleased to announce that Professor Barbara Herman (University of California, Los Angeles) will deliver the 2018–2019 de Gruyter Kant Lecture at the 2019 Pacific Division meeting in Vancouver, BC.

The de Gruyter Kant Lecture Series is open to a broad approach to Kantian philosophy across the philosophical disciplines. This may also include contemporary philosophical work in the Kantian tradition. The lecture, which includes a $1,500 monetary award plus travel costs not to exceed $1,500, is offered annually at an APA divisional meeting on a rotating basis.

The chair of the selection committee said, “Barbara Herman is a leading interpreter of Kant’s moral philosophy as well as an excellent moral philosopher in her own right. She is deeply committed to orthodox Kantian dualisms between reason and desire, morality and happiness, and rational principle and particular judgment. While managing to remain true to Kant, Herman has extended the Kantian approach to new topics such as character development, the influence of social institutions, and moral psychology. Besides being a trailblazer in making Kant’s ethics respectable, Herman plays an important role in the field of law, which is a major area where Kant’s work continues to have an especially strong international impact.”

Herman received her M.A. in 1967 and her Ph.D. in 1976, both at Harvard University. She is Griffin Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law at UCLA. Her work is on moral philosophy, Kant’s ethics, and the history of ethics, as well as social and political philosophy. Her publications include The Practice of Moral Judgment (Harvard University Press, 1993); “The Scope of Moral Requirement,” Philosophy and Public Affairs (Summer 2001); and “Rethinking Kant’s Hedonism,” in Facts and Values: Essays for Judith Thomson, eds. R. Stalnaker, R. Wedgwood, and A. Byrne (MIT Press, 2001). Herman served as president of the APA’s Pacific Division in 1999–2000.


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