APA Awards Roundup : Year End 2016

Awards Roundup : Year End 2016

APA Awards

Robert Audi, University of Notre Dame

Winner of the 2016 Quinn Prize

University of Missouri–Kansas City’s Philosophy in Prison program

Winner of the 2016 APA/PDC Prize

Patrick Tomlin, University of Reading

Winner of the 2016 Berger Memorial Prize

Joseph Frigault, Boston University

Winner of the 2017 Jean Hampton Prize

Johann Frick, Princeton University

Winner of the 2016 Kavka/University of California, Irvine Prize in Political Philosophy


Public Philosophy Op-Ed Contest 2016 winners:


Sanders Graduate Student Awards 2016 winners:

  • William D’Alessandro, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • John Phillips, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Nicholas Rimell, University of Virginia

Non-APA Awards

Donald C. Ainslie, University of Toronto

Awarded the 2016 Journal of the History of Philosophy book prize for Hume’s True Scepticism

Jane Roland Martin, University of Massachusetts Boston,

Awarded a 2016 Macdowell Colony Fellowship

Jeremy Fantl and Richard Zach, University of Calgary

Received a Teaching and Learning Grant from the University of Calgary

Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College

Awarded a 2016 Faculty Service Award from Gustavus Adolphus College.



This post reflects awards reported since the previous roundup post.

The Blog of the APA features a regular roundup of awards won by APA members. The APA tracks awards won by members for publication in its Proceedings and Addresses.  Information about awards is compiled from two sources: members who notify the national office directly about their awards, and publications that list award recipients from time to time.

 You are encouraged to notify the national office of any awards you have received, so that these may be included in a future roundup post and in the Proceedings and Addresses. Notices should be sent to Erin Shepherd at erinshep@udel.edu.

If you would like links added to this post or changed, please contact Jeremy Cushing at jeremycushing@apaonline.org. Notices of awards omitted from this list should be sent to Erin Shepherd at erinshep@udel.edu.






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