APA About the Pacific Division

About the Pacific Division

The Pacific Division is one of three divisions of the American Philosophical Association, along with the Central and Eastern Divisions. Each year, the division organizes a meeting on or near the Pacific coast. Recent and upcoming meeting locations include San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and Vancouver, BC.

APA members may submit papers or posters for refereeing and presentation at the annual meeting. Anyone may suggest ideas for invited sessions. The annual conference relies heavily on volunteers to chair sessions and comment on papers. Numerous affiliated groups also contribute to the program.

See Important Pacific Division Dates and Deadlines

Statement on Program Diversity

The following statement was approved by the executive committees of all three divisions at their 2018 meetings.

The APA divisions are committed to the goal that the divisional programs, and the membership of their committees achieve broad diversity. This diversity includes (but is not limited to) race, color, religion, political conviction, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, and age. Where representation on the divisional programs is concerned, we also include diversity of rank and institutional affiliation.

To encourage this diversity, the divisional executive committees, in cooperation with the national office, will undertake the following initiatives and welcome suggestions from the membership for continued improvement in achieving these policy goals.

  1. Gathering, analyzing, and publishing data on the diversity represented in the divisional programs.
  2. Active encouragement of the membership to support these efforts by volunteering to chair and comment at sessions, suggesting invited sessions, submitting papers and posters, and identifying other ways to ensure that the divisional programs are based on the broadest possible pool of submissions.

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