Issues in Philosophy A Tribal World (IAI video)

A Tribal World (IAI video)

We see community and society as good. Yet communities are also fortresses of privilege and conformity, as migrants know only too well. Is the tribe, from the football team to the nation, to be feared and contained? Or is finding our place in a larger group the core of what it is to be human?

In this week’s Institute of Art and Ideas release, Director of the Forum for European Philosophy Simon Glendinning, author of Exotic England Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, editor of Spiked Brendan O’Neill and journalist Julie Bindel seek the truth about the tribe.

This video was produced by The Institute of Art and Ideas and is republished here with permission.  It was filmed at HowTheLightGetsIn 2016 alongside 200 other debates and talks, all available for free at IAI TV. Their new podcast, Philosophy for our times, is available here.


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